Kagoule lead singer/guitarist Cai chats to Great Wave Magazine about the bands formation, recording ‘Urth’, an upcoming EP & progress on their 2nd Album.

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Ben: Give me an introduction to Kagoule, where are you from and how did everything come to be?

Cai: We’re from Nottingham. We’ve been playing together, starting in school, for about 7 years or so. But as a band I’d say 5 years.

Ben: So you’ve been as band for a while to be fair. What were the main inspirations for the Kagoule sound and what came across on your album Urth?

Cai: We wrote a lot of our earlier material from Urth when we were younger, songs like Made of Concrete we were only like 15 so we went in making our first album with a lot old songs, like stuff we’ve had around. When we first started out we got a review from one of our gigs where someone had said we sounded like the Pixies and the Smashing Pumpkins and I hadn’t really listened to them bands before, so I think we definitely took inspiration from those bands after listening to them too. It all kind of comes across on the record.

Ben: So what has inspired you this time round for the 2nd album?

Cai: I Like to find a new world to dive into, at the moment I’m into folk music, so i guess there’s one sort of folky song on the new record.

Ben: Aha, are you gunna go for grungey folk tunes?

Cai: Aw yeh that’d be great aha, I can’t think of anything worse. What would that be like?

Ben: Mumford and sons meets Soundgarden?

Cai: Oh man that’s a scary thought, might have to parody that a lil bit.

Ben: Are you guys signed at the moment? 

Cai: No we’re currently unsigned, but we did our first album with a label called Earache Records. Doing it ourselves this time, but we’re hoping to get a label involved for this one at some stage.

Ben: Are you preferring the DIY approach to this album in comparison to the last?

Cai: Both sides have their ups and downs, like walls you run into when you’re unsigned you haven’t got the money sometimes, but then you just have to make it work with what you have. With a label there is a lot more restrictions but again benefits like tour support, a decent platform to put your record out and even to have the name itself to go along with your work. But yeh totally enjoying ourselves at the moment, having loads of fun with it.

Ben: How was TRUCK festival?

Cai: Yeh man, was so so muddy. Was good though, first outdoor festival we’ve played all year. It really started raining heavy just before our set which worked in our favour playing in a tent, people came in to get out of the rain and ended up seeing us to aha. Drew in a decent crowd.

Ben: Have you got plans for an EP before the album or are you investing everything into the album?

Cai: Good question aha, we’re planning at the moment to release a single soon. Doing an animated music video for the first time, our drummer Malcolm does all our artwork so getting him to do the animation with an old friend we have. We got a tour in November, a few more singles to come out but this one will just get the ball moving again.
Ben: Whats the title for the single?
Cai: Monsieur Atomoton, cant really pronounce it but its Mr in french.

Ben: What kind of vibe has the song got? Heavy, Slow?
Cai: Oh this ones more on the heavier side of the album for sure, it’s a fun one live we’ve playing a few new songs in our sets for the past 5 months, you learn how to play them best when you just chuck it in your set and see how the crowd reacts to it. It’s not released yet but it seems to go down really well.

Photo Credits: http://www.jampondphotography.com/

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