Great Wave Magazine meets London-based GELATO, as they open BBC Introducing Berkshire show.

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Ben: Guys welcome to Reading, can I get you to introduce yourselves?
GELATO: [Drew] Hi I’m Drew from Gelato, I play guitar and sing vocals. [Callum] I’m Callum, I play the drums. [Jake] I’m Jake and I play bass. 
Ben: How did you come together as a band? 
GELATO: [Callum] Just tonight really! *LAUGHS* aha no um.. [Drew] about 2 years ago or so I wrote some songs and tried to get some friends to come play it with me. [Jake] We know each other as being session musicians, and kind of knew each other from that really. All doing our own thing [Drew] Passing ships in the night. [Callum] Then we anchored to each other and yeh it’s the 3 piece you see before you now. 
Ben: What’s the inspiration behind your sound, like what bands as teens did you listen to on CD’s/Ipod? 
GELATO: [Callum] For me it’s Drew, he brings the idea like a riff or something and we play around that. [Jake] We all bring our own influences into the band, y’know Drew is our leader. [Drew] For the greater good; no, I play lead guitar that’s for sure. There’s a few bands like definitely the whole grunge thing, and yeh I’m sure you picked up some QOTSA in there. 
Ben: What sets you aside from other bands? What will make fans want to come see you? 
GELATO: [Jake] Well we had different people work on our recorded stuff, so I mean in terms of live performance it’s different to what you hear on our EP’s. [Callum] We do a lot of improvisation in live shows, playing off each other. [Drew] Less and less do I care about approval really to be honest, and it’s more about putting on a good show and playing the best you can.  
Ben: Are there any bands around at the moment that you guys  are listening to currently? 
GELATO: [Drew]Thunder Cat, been listening to a lot of Thunder Cat. A lot of Chris Cornell for good measure. King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard and Pond. [Callum] Jake showed me White Demin recently, thought they were sick. [Drew] We’ve played with a band called Lieutenant, there good friends of ours. [Jake] Los Padres, check them out they are awesome. 
Ben: You guys are still unsigned so how do you get your music out there?  
GELATO: [Drew] Yeh we’re on facebook, spotify, youtube etc. You can buy our EP’s off our website to, but yeh we do it all ourselves. [Jake] Yeh I feel being independent gives you much more freedom in that respect. I mean if someone wants to sign us and put us on a big stage then fucking sure man that’d be sweet too *laughs*. [Drew] Yeh at the moment as well we have stuff at live shows too. [Callum] You feel like you’ve made a friend when somebody comes to the gig and buys a band shirt.  
Ben: Is there an album in the tubes at the moment? 
GELATO: [Drew] We’re writing an album right now actually, it’ll be album number one for us. [Jake] Yeh it’s completely new material to what is available at the moment [Drew] 95% new. We don’t want to rush it by saying when it’ll be done because honestly, one really good album could set you up for tours and gigs for a while and as we’re all pretty much full time musicians it’d be great to be able to do something like that. [Drew] Yeh I think it would depend on what help we find as well to make the album. [Callum] We got a deadline of September though. [Drew] I just want to make an album that we’re all happy with and that pushes us y’know. 
Ben: What are your aspirations for the future?  
GELATO: [Drew] Well yeh get this album finished and then try get on a support tour for someone who’s got a new crowd that doesn’t know us, I think that’d be exciting. After that I think the sky’s the limit, I just want this album done really and everything else I think will just be the icing on the cake.  
Ben: Only fitting to ask really, what’s your favourite type of ice cream? 
GELATO: [Callum] Phish Food, no Carte D’or, oh there’s so many. Pistachio Carte D’or. [JAKE] I like me some banoffee ice-cream, and anything from Oppo ice cream, I know the guys who made it and they spent like the past year perfecting their most recent flavour. [DREW] Dick. Dick is my favourite ice-cream *laughs* no, no I think Magnum Almond. Are you gunna print that? *laughs*
Go check out GELATO on Facebook & Spotify.

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