Single of the Summer: Goldie – I Adore You

That’s it now; September. No more festivals, no more mad sunshine. Here at Great Wave Mag, coming back to life not spent sleeping in a tent has been a tough road. So we decided to reflect on what we thought defined summer 2017.

Certainly one of the most well known artist from the 90’s jungle/d’n’b scene, Goldie has come back after nearly 20 years without an album to bring his devilish beats once again onto the forefront of UK dance scene. The Journey Man is a 28-track album, showing Goldie has certainly horded plenty for fans to hear after such a lengthy gap in his discography. It takes you on a dark tunnel only Goldie could; a journey through his bad times and good .

The leading single from the double album is hair raising drum and bass sonnet I Adore You. Goldie revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 1xtra that this beautiful tune, is a dedication to his daughter. Featuring the mighty Ulterior Motive, and the entwining vocals of Natalie Williams, I Adore You runs through eerie synths and melodies, with the oh so crisp sound Goldie has finely tuned, combining liquid funk & jungle to create a haunting ballad that’s bass filled and dark, but still delicate and enchanting.

Goldie takes the crown for this Summer’s best single without a doubt.

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