Yizzy @ O2 Academy Islington

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Great Wave Mag talks to young, upcoming grime artist Yizzy, at the O2 Academy in Islington.


The crowd wasn’t what we expected for a grime set, as he was opening for teen American singer Billie Eilish. But after seeing Yizzy’s set with BBC Introducing at the O2 Academy Brixton (as the only grime artist there too), we were right in expecting the crowd to be hyped when he came on.

Having only started making music in 2016, it’s an understatement to say Yizzy is doing pretty well for himself. From getting attention with his track ‘Grime Kid’ last December, and releasing his debut EP ‘This Is Life’ in April this year, then his big set at the O2 Academy Brixton in front of thousands, an advert with Nike this month, and now with a new EP coming soon, the grime artist has come up fast.

At the O2 Academy Islington, Great Wave Mag were invited backstage before the show, so we spoke to the 17-year-old grime artist from Lewisham about his experience with BBC Introducing, Red Bull’s Grime-a-side, and what’s next for Yizzy.

Watch the interview here, and see more of Yizzy on his Youtube channel

Great Wave Magazine meets London-based GELATO, as they open BBC Introducing Berkshire show.

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Ben: Guys welcome to Reading, can I get you to introduce yourselves?
GELATO: [Drew] Hi I’m Drew from Gelato, I play guitar and sing vocals. [Callum] I’m Callum, I play the drums. [Jake] I’m Jake and I play bass. 
Ben: How did you come together as a band? 
GELATO: [Callum] Just tonight really! *LAUGHS* aha no um.. [Drew] about 2 years ago or so I wrote some songs and tried to get some friends to come play it with me. [Jake] We know each other as being session musicians, and kind of knew each other from that really. All doing our own thing [Drew] Passing ships in the night. [Callum] Then we anchored to each other and yeh it’s the 3 piece you see before you now. 
Ben: What’s the inspiration behind your sound, like what bands as teens did you listen to on CD’s/Ipod? 
GELATO: [Callum] For me it’s Drew, he brings the idea like a riff or something and we play around that. [Jake] We all bring our own influences into the band, y’know Drew is our leader. [Drew] For the greater good; no, I play lead guitar that’s for sure. There’s a few bands like definitely the whole grunge thing, and yeh I’m sure you picked up some QOTSA in there. 
Ben: What sets you aside from other bands? What will make fans want to come see you? 
GELATO: [Jake] Well we had different people work on our recorded stuff, so I mean in terms of live performance it’s different to what you hear on our EP’s. [Callum] We do a lot of improvisation in live shows, playing off each other. [Drew] Less and less do I care about approval really to be honest, and it’s more about putting on a good show and playing the best you can.  
Ben: Are there any bands around at the moment that you guys  are listening to currently? 
GELATO: [Drew]Thunder Cat, been listening to a lot of Thunder Cat. A lot of Chris Cornell for good measure. King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard and Pond. [Callum] Jake showed me White Demin recently, thought they were sick. [Drew] We’ve played with a band called Lieutenant, there good friends of ours. [Jake] Los Padres, check them out they are awesome. 
Ben: You guys are still unsigned so how do you get your music out there?  
GELATO: [Drew] Yeh we’re on facebook, spotify, youtube etc. You can buy our EP’s off our website to, but yeh we do it all ourselves. [Jake] Yeh I feel being independent gives you much more freedom in that respect. I mean if someone wants to sign us and put us on a big stage then fucking sure man that’d be sweet too *laughs*. [Drew] Yeh at the moment as well we have stuff at live shows too. [Callum] You feel like you’ve made a friend when somebody comes to the gig and buys a band shirt.  
Ben: Is there an album in the tubes at the moment? 
GELATO: [Drew] We’re writing an album right now actually, it’ll be album number one for us. [Jake] Yeh it’s completely new material to what is available at the moment [Drew] 95% new. We don’t want to rush it by saying when it’ll be done because honestly, one really good album could set you up for tours and gigs for a while and as we’re all pretty much full time musicians it’d be great to be able to do something like that. [Drew] Yeh I think it would depend on what help we find as well to make the album. [Callum] We got a deadline of September though. [Drew] I just want to make an album that we’re all happy with and that pushes us y’know. 
Ben: What are your aspirations for the future?  
GELATO: [Drew] Well yeh get this album finished and then try get on a support tour for someone who’s got a new crowd that doesn’t know us, I think that’d be exciting. After that I think the sky’s the limit, I just want this album done really and everything else I think will just be the icing on the cake.  
Ben: Only fitting to ask really, what’s your favourite type of ice cream? 
GELATO: [Callum] Phish Food, no Carte D’or, oh there’s so many. Pistachio Carte D’or. [JAKE] I like me some banoffee ice-cream, and anything from Oppo ice cream, I know the guys who made it and they spent like the past year perfecting their most recent flavour. [DREW] Dick. Dick is my favourite ice-cream *laughs* no, no I think Magnum Almond. Are you gunna print that? *laughs*
Go check out GELATO on Facebook & Spotify.