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Single of the Summer: Goldie – I Adore You

That’s it now; September. No more festivals, no more mad sunshine. Here at Great Wave Mag, coming back to life not spent sleeping in a tent has been a tough road. So we decided to reflect on what we thought defined summer 2017.

Certainly one of the most well known artist from the 90’s jungle/d’n’b scene, Goldie has come back after nearly 20 years without an album to bring his devilish beats once again onto the forefront of UK dance scene. The Journey Man is a 28-track album, showing Goldie has certainly horded plenty for fans to hear after such a lengthy gap in his discography. It takes you on a dark tunnel only Goldie could; a journey through his bad times and good .

The leading single from the double album is hair raising drum and bass sonnet I Adore You. Goldie revealed in an interview with BBC Radio 1xtra that this beautiful tune, is a dedication to his daughter. Featuring the mighty Ulterior Motive, and the entwining vocals of Natalie Williams, I Adore You runs through eerie synths and melodies, with the oh so crisp sound Goldie has finely tuned, combining liquid funk & jungle to create a haunting ballad that’s bass filled and dark, but still delicate and enchanting.

Goldie takes the crown for this Summer’s best single without a doubt.

Barely Legal taking her own brand of Bass music, into the stratosphere with mixes that go deep.

Big round of applause is needed I feel for record label Pretty Weird Records for pushing the bar even higher for the UK dance scene with ever emerging artist Barely Legal (aka Chloe Robinson). She has speakers cranked up to 11, pumping out dub/garage/d’n’b/jungle/liquid funk with no sympathy for whether or not your heart can take the vibrations and wubz. Nothing seems out of bounds, her genre diversity in her sets back it up with intense interludes and her flawless ability to weave in her vast locker of hard bass music within a single mix. . She’s already a growing name within the scene and she’s got big things on the horizon for sure. 

If you haven’t already heard her on Rinse FM or in a tent over festival season, check out her monster set at Parklife 2017 this summer available on MixMag YouTube Channel.

Photo by Vicky Grout.



What are Great Wave Listening to at the moment?

Jumpin Jack Frost

Jumpin Jack Frost – FABRICLIVE Promo Mix

jumpin jack frost ting

A legend within the Drum & Bass scene of the 90’s, Frankie Frost aka Jumpin Jack Frost has provided the dance scene of the 1980’s/1990’s with mental jungle bangers and collaborated with fellow Junglists such as Roni Size, Goldie, Congo Natty (aka Rebel MC) and Byran Gee. Starting out as a Pirate Radio DJ in Brixton, he’s still as wicked as ever and maintains his 30 year career. He did a mix for Fabric’s Soundcloud to promote his slot at Fabric for ’21 Years of Jungle’ 22/08/14, and it delves deep into a filthy jungle, plentiful of skatty rhymes and trembling bass, again shows why Jumpin Jack is still one of the hottest DJ’s in the D’n’B scene.

Danny Brown

Danny Brown – Dance 


After catching his Radio 1 Xtra Tent headline slot at Reading Festival 25/08, it’s fair to say Danny Brown has supported his reputation as a hard, bassy, lyrically colourful performer. He came on stage to a misted tent and dropped heavy beats off his 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition such as Really Doe and Pneumonia, which feature big name Kendrick Lamar, and ruined lives with bass levels and an intense light show. 

We’ve chosen a track from his album Hot Soup, 2008 called Dance. Far from the dark and twisted material he has expressed on his more recent albums, this tune has the old-school, funky rap groove that sounds as if you have just put a needle on a James Brown Vinyl. But don’t worry, it still oozes Danny Brown hood confidence and works clever rhymes into a tasty 3 minute gem that shows the creative depth of a true talent. 

Puta Volcano

Puta Volcano – Dune

puta volcano

Attention fans of heavy rock acts such as Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Orange Goblin. Puta Volcano are a 4 piece band hailing from Athens, Greece who have certainly caught our ear. Combining elements of Doom Rock, Desert Rock and sludgy riffs, Puta Volcano have released two 8-track albums since 2015. They bring back old elements of the 90’s harder rock scene with strong reverb vocals and thundering drums.  

Their track Dune is well produced and a mad song, check them out and like them on Facebook and Spotify.

Palm Honey

Palm Honey – Hot Simian Weather

palm honey

Psychedelic-indie four piece Palm Honey have had a busy summer indeed. Playing a number of UK festivals such as their hometown Reading Festival and Glastonbury as well as releasing their new single Hot Simian Weather in July.

On this track they delve into a synthy based funky jam, following the footsteps of Superfood and Swim Deep in a more experimental form of the indie scene. They are always doing gigs, so would highly recommend seeing a live show if ones near you peeps.

Check them out on Facebook & Spotify .